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Welcome to the Brothers Food Service (BFS) family!

3 Generations of Barry Erenwert's Family

Jason Erenwert

Jason Erenwert

Barry and Jason 1990's

Barry and Jason 1990's

Aaron, Alex, and Andrew Bos are fourth generation produce people.

Meet Aaron, Alex, and Andrew Bos! These brothers are fourth generation produce people.

Barry Erenwert's Family 1978

Jason Erenwert   1973 – 2017
Partner, Father, Brother & Son

While Jason is no longer with us, Jason’s always enthusiastic “Let’s Do It!”, approach to life and Brothers has been instilled in all of us. 

As the leader of our Dallas location for over a decade, Jason was a dedicated and well-informed problem solver, resilient and always seeking a new challenge. Jason was completely unaware of impossible. With endless entertainment, and a charming grin he made everyone else believe in the possibilities as well. 

Jason envisioned where we are and where we’re going, and his vision continues to inspire us today.

We’ve had the opportunity to serve many of you for years. Thank you. Your support has been the cornerstone of the growth that has built Brothers Food Service. 

For those who may be new to the family, please allow us to introduce ourselves. Our family has been in the produce business for four generations. My father came to Texas as an immigrant shortly after WWII. He came with a lot of work ethic, then learned a little English and a bit about food service through restaurant and produce company ownership. He passed his work ethic and knowledge to his kids, and several of us have enjoyed successful careers in produce over the past 40 years.

I’ve had the pleasure of standing beside my late son Jason Erenwert, long-time employees I call family, James Bos and Sam Mitton, as well as countless other wonderful people as we’ve continued to grow into what has become Brothers Food Service (BFS). I could not have fathomed where we’d be today back in the early 1980’s, while I was servicing my produce route from the back of a pick-up. Sometimes I would start my route in Houston at 5:00AM with my sleepy three-year old “driving” the truck and helping me deliver to my customers. Shh…don’t tell anyone how much fun we had back then. 

We’re still family run, and we’re still having a little fun…while maintaining professionalism, using state of the art technology, fleet, facilities, and of course implementing the latest food and employee safety measures. 

Brothers has been part of our identity 40 years in the making. When you call you might speak to employees who have been family friends for decades, my nephews, nieces, grandkids, or any one of 300+ employees who are proud of the “Brothers” that they have built. 

Brothers Food Service is serving all of Texas, borders of neighboring states, and will continue to expand. While our primary business is still meeting your produce needs, we have expanded to offer many additional products and services. 

Again, welcome to the family!

Warm regards, 
Barry Erenwert

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We deliver efficiency through technology, innovative solutions, modern facilities, driving many products literally from farm to consumer, a modern fleet, and the knowledge of our family of seasoned professionals.

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