Technology & Innovation

Brothers Food service fleet of trucks in Houston, Texas


Technology is an indispensable tool in our business. These are few ways we use technology to serve you!

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    • Essential to moving high volumes of product efficiently and safely
    • Traceability, the WMS enables us to pinpoint any food safety concern to the exact source, ensuring quality and safety while minimizing waste
  • 24 Hour video monitoring and temperature control throughout our fleet and facilities
  • We use EDI Solutions to integrate with your CRM software
  • Driver Apps
    • Allows drivers to navigate routes efficiently
    • Gives customers driver ETAs
    • Allows for paperless invoicing and signatures


We are solutions oriented, which leads to innovation in everything we do. It’s new technology. It’s making fleet and routing changes to meet supply challenges. It’s noticing great talent when we see it and creating a place for talent to thrive. It’s industry leadership. 

Our innovative industry leadership was recently recognized by Azzule Systems for our participation in setting new standards in the development of PrimusGFS. 

Interested in Joining Our Team

We deliver efficiency through technology, innovative solutions, modern facilities, driving many products literally from farm to consumer, a modern fleet, and the knowledge of our family of seasoned professionals.

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