Integrity is in Our Commitment to Safety

Integrity is keeping consumers safe through food safety practices…

Brothers Food Service is committed to Food Safety!

  • We only partner with suppliers who share our commitment to food safety through a thorough approval process. 
  • Our fleet and facilities are all carefully monitored, and temperature controlled, ensuring safe produce from our suppliers’ farms to your coolers.
  • Food safety is overseen by highly trained, dedicated professionals from farm to cooler.

Integrity is in our actions, and this is what we’re doing to uphold our commitment to food safety.

Partnerships, Practices, & Certifications

Brothers Food Service In-House Food Safety Team

  • The Brothers Food Service Food Safety Director is a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI), a designation received after rigorous training provided by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Act (FSPCA).
  •  Brothers Food Service has a dedicated food safety team conducting regular in-house audits and training in house to all employees. 
  • Brothers Food Service welcomes your food safety audits in our facilities, and a member of our executive team will be present for the audit, because food safety is our top priority.

Contact Our Safety Team

If you would like more information about our safety programs, our safety audit performances, or scheduling a safety tour of our facilities, please contact:

Brothers Food Service is committed to Driver Safety!

Integrity is keeping our communities safe through Driver Safety training…

  • We utilize Smith Systems training for drivers.
  • We utilize Samsara driver apps and monitoring to improve the safety of our drivers, and protect the public in real time.
  • Each facility has a designated driver safety team. 
  • Senior leadership of each facility is an active member of that team. 
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Brothers Food Service is committed to Employee Safety!

Integrity is keeping our employees safe through OSHA compliance…

We are OSHA certified and received the designation of Top 10% in our industry in last year’s audit.

Interested in Joining Our Team

We deliver efficiency through technology, innovative solutions, modern facilities, driving many products literally from farm to consumer, a modern fleet, and the knowledge of our family of seasoned professionals.

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