Delivering Produce to the Tables of Texas

Transporting our products safely and efficiently is at the core of our business.  

We accomplish this with an extensive, modern fleet, a team of logistics professionals, and well-trained drivers who are committed to safety. 

Brothers Food Service fleet of trucks

Our Fleet

  • A comprehensive line of vehicles including vans for small tasks, bobtails for standard, local delivery routes, and tractor trailers for statewide and nationwide product transportation
  • All vehicles are monitored, temperature controlled and represent our commitment to food safety

Our Logistics Team

  • Drivers are Smith Systems trained for their safety as well as the safety of the communities we serve. Driver Safety Information
  • Our logistics professionals coordinate our fleet and routes, support our drivers, and are always ready to jump in with solutions when weather, traffic accidents, and other events occurring out on the road require a quick change of plans.

BFS Trucking

BFS trucking is about using our fleet and logistics resources to ensure consistent product availability in the most efficient way possible.In a world that is experiencing supply chain delays, our solution is BFS Trucking, our Brothers Food Service owned freight carrier. We combine both BFS Trucking and longtime partnerships with transport companies to ensure product availability to our customers. 


The primary purpose of BFS Trucking is to ensure product availability. When space is available, we do assist our customers with their freight needs as well.

Space is most commonly available on outbound interstate routes. Tractor-trailers may also be available to assist customers with moving freight across cities, or within Texas. Please send freight inquiries to services@brothersfoodservice.com

Brothers Food service fleet of trucks in Houston, Texas

A Day in the Life of BFS Trucking…

Our fleet is monitored at all times. Please enjoy the beautiful view of Salinas, CA in the videos below where two of our trucks are picking up freight at the Tanimura & Antle, and D’Arrigo farms.

Video One
Video Two

BFS is keeping our drivers and communities safe by…

  • Driver safety training utilizing highly regarded Smith Systems training for drivers
  • Fleet monitoring utilizing Samsara driver apps, dash cameras, and cab cameras
  • Prioritizing safety by each facility having a designated driver safety team with senior leadership of each facility serving as an active member of that team
BFS brothers food service samsara

Interested in Joining Our Team

We deliver efficiency through technology, innovative solutions, modern facilities, driving many products literally from farm to consumer, a modern fleet, and the knowledge of our family of seasoned professionals.

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